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  • Nov 07, 2019

    The battle to beat the deadly pulmonary fibrosis

    Pulmonary fibrosis is a disease that comes with a prognosis of death in just a few years after severe scarring of the lungs.

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    Source: KENS-TV San Antonio
  • Nov 05, 2019

    $22M NIH Grant Supports Precision Medicine for Pulmonary Fibrosis

    The National Institutes of Health and Three Lakes Partners, a philanthropic family organization, has awarded a $22 million grant to support precision medicine research for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

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    Source: Health IT Analytics
  • Sep 11, 2019

    Deaths of 9/11 first responders from ground zero-related illnesses are on the rise — and some diseases are just beginning to take their toll

    Like most first responders, former New York City detective Tom Frey is a master of understatement — even when it comes to talking about the World Trade Center terror attacks on 9/11, the most devastating assignment of his life.

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    Source: Chicago Tribune
  • Sep 10, 2019

    9/11 first responder diagnosed with cancer, then pulmonary fibrosis

    Tom Frey, 54, is a retired New York Police Department detective who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma linked to the time he spent at the World Trade Center site and the Staten Island landfill after the 9/11 attacks.

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    Source: Today Show Online
  • Sep 10, 2019

    Ailing 9/11 First Responder Revisits Site of Terror Attacks

    Tom Frey returned to the site known at one time as Ground Zero for just the third time since he rushed down to help on 9/11, this time bringing with him an oxygen canister — a result of a cancer diagnosis that triggered pulmonary fibrosis. NBC 4 New York’s David Ushery reports.

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    Source: NBC-TV New York
  • Sep 05, 2019

    September Marks Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month

    September has been designated Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month — a time during which researchers and clinicians aim to improve the public’s knowledge about the disease.

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    Source: Healio
  • Sep 05, 2019

    Patient Group Advances Clinical Trials, Diverts Patients From Unregulated Therapies

    For a patient with a debilitating disease, such as pulmonary fibrosis (PF), moments of hope can be few and far between.

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    Source: Clinical Leader
  • Sep 04, 2019

    Three Lakes Partners And Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Partner In Fight Against Pulmonary Fibrosis

    The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF) and Three Lakes Partners today marked September’s National Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month with the announcement of a major partnership in the fight against pulmonary fibrosis (PF).

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    Source: My Social Good News
  • Sep 03, 2019

    Charlotte pastor turns near-death experience into chance to help community

    A Charlotte pastor is turning his near-death experience into an effort to help his community.

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    Source: WSOC-TV Charlotte
  • Sep 01, 2019

    September is Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month and Dr. Amy Case joined Sasha Rionda to share more about this debilitating lung disease

    September is Pulmonary Ffibrosis Awareness Month and Dr. Amy Case joined Sasha Rionda to share more about this debilitating lung disease.

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    Source: Coffee With America
  • Jul 27, 2019

    He Was a First Responder on 9/11—Why He’s Telling His Story Now

    Tom Frey spent years recovering victims of the 9/11 attacks. His time working to bring families answers resulted in his own poor health.

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    Source: The
  • Jun 10, 2019

    A judicial ruling this month that will stop questionable stem-cell treatments at a clinic in Florida is widely seen as a warning to a flourishing industry that has attracted huge numbers of patients, who pay thousands of dollars for unproven, risky procedures.

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    Source: The New York Times
  • Mar 18, 2019

    Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Warns Against Stem Cell Infusions

    In response to an uptick in direct-to-consumer advertising for stem cell therapies by for-profit centers, the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF) has issued an updated warning against any type of stem cell treatment of pulmonary fibrosis (PF) outside of an approved clinical trial.

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    Source: Medscape Medical News
  • Feb 01, 2019

    See Julie Halston, Lilli Cooper, Santino Fontana, and More at Broadway Belts for PFF!

    The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation hosted their annual Broadway Belts for PFF! on February 25, hosted by Broadway legend Julie Halston, who will appear on Broadway later this season in Tootsie.

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    Source: Playbill
  • Oct 18, 2018

    Pulmonary fibrosis organization creates registry for research

    The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation has launched its first phase of a patient registry with 2,000 patients on board.

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    Source: Health Data Management
  • Oct 08, 2018

    West Hartford Spreads Awareness of Pulmonary Fibrosis, Delamar Turns Fountain Blue

    For several days during the last week of September, the water bubbling out of the fountain in front of the Delamar West Hartford Hotel glowed blue, as the hotel joined other buildings and structures throughout the country in raising awareness for pulmonary fibrosis.

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  • Sep 04, 2018

    Interview with Amy Kozyra

    Help support those living with pulmonary fibrosis by joining the PFF Walk Chicago on September 15 in Lincoln Park in recognition of Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month.

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    Source: Chicago Connection with Rebecca Ortiz
  • Sep 03, 2018

    After Hours with Rick Kogan: The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation

    Tonight on the show, Rick is joined by Dorothy Coyle, Amy Kozyra with Dr. Daniel Dilling to talk about the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation.

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    Source: WGN Radio