Oxygen Therapy FAQs

General Supplemental Oxygen Questions
Determining Your Need for Supplemental Oxygen
Role of the Oxygen Supplier
Oxygen Flow and Delivery Modes
Oxygen Safety
Oxygen Systems
Other Oxygen Equipment
Oxygen Equipment Maintenance
Medicare for Oxygen
Traveling With Supplemental Oxygen

Oxygen Resources

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  • Traveling with Supplemental Oxygen

    This education resource provides information about traveling by air, by car, and to higher altitudes for people with supplemental oxygen. It includes a checklist of things to consider before traveling with oxygen.
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  • Medicare Patients’ Oxygen Rights

    Patients with original Medicare have rights that cover things like the types of equipment that they receive, the services that they receive, and the right to make a complaint. Learn more in the Medicare Patients’ Oxygen Rights brochure.
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  • Oxygen Basics Booklet

    This booklet provides an in-depth overview of the the basics of supplemental oxygen, including equipment, getting started, Medicare information, and traveling.
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