Fact Sheets


Download free pulmonary fibrosis fact sheets

Pulmonary fibrosis (PF) is part of a larger group of more than 200 interstitial lung diseases (also known as ILDs) that are characterized by inflammation and/or scarring in the lung. In ILDs, the injury and damage occurs in the walls of the air sacs of the lung, as well as in the tissue and space around these air sacs. When an interstitial lung disease includes scar tissue in the lung, we call it pulmonary fibrosis. There are many different types of pulmonary fibrosis, and treatment options may vary depending on the type of PF a person has.

The PFF has developed a series of Fact Sheets to shed light on different types of interstitial lung disease, as well as different types of medications that are commonly used by patients with pulmonary fibrosis. These Fact Sheets are available as downloadable PDF files below.  

Types of pulmonary fibrosis