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Become a PFF Advocate

Members of the PFF Advocates regularly contact their members of Congress and their staffs and other officials to advocate for issues of importance to the community. As a member of the PFF Advocates, you will receive alerts when there is an important advocacy issue. The PFF will provide an easy online platform for reaching out to your members of Congress. You will also receive notification of the PFF’s annual Hill Day and of any other PFF advocacy events. Use this form to join the PFF Advocates!

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Five Steps to Meeting with Your Members of Congress

You can meet with your members of Congress and/or their staffs to advocate for issues that are important to pulmonary fibrosis patients. Here are five steps to schedule and conduct a visit.
  1. Find the contact information for your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators using the “Find Your Member of Congress” form on this page (below).
  2. Contact your official’s office to request a meeting. During the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings will be virtual for your health and the health of congressional staff. The office may schedule you to meet with your member of Congress or with a member of their health staff. Be prepared to follow up – you may need to call a couple of times and be flexible with the date of your meeting, but persistence will pay off.
  3. Before the meeting, email Kate Gates to request the current “policy asks” for congressional offices and any one page “leave behinds” that you can email to your legislator or their health staff.
  4. During the meeting, remember to identify yourself as someone who lives in the official’s district or state and to share your story. Your personal connection is the most important reason for your advocacy! Limit your story to 1 – 2 minutes, the length of an “elevator pitch.”
  5. Within 24 hours of your meeting, send an email to thank them for their time. This is crucial to build relationships. Then plan when your next visit will be.


Find Your Members of Congress

Connecting with your elected officials is the key to effecting legislative change.  Enter your information to find out who your members of Congress are. Your voice is important. Connect with your government officials so that you are heard!

Ask Your Members of Congress to Support the NIH

Members of Congress are currently setting funding levels for Fiscal Year 2022 for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH provides critical funding for pulmonary fibrosis research. It is important that the NIH receives robust funding from Congress so that the NIH support for pulmonary fibrosis research is sustained. Reach out to your members of Congress today to ask them to provide at least $46.4 billion of funding for the NIH, including $3.867 billion of funding for the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Use the form below to send an email.