The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF) has developed a new logo, which features powerful lettering with an abstract pair of lungs in the organization’s signature teal and green colors. Attention-grabbing, easy to understand and memorable, the new logo ties directly back to the mission and work of the PFF. The introduction culminates an extremely successful Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month.

“We have been very focused on driving awareness of pulmonary fibrosis (PF), and we decided to use our own logo to help drive more understanding of both PF and our organization,” said William Schmidt, president and CEO of the PFF. “Integrating an illustration of lungs into our logo will instantly connect PF with the lungs for our audiences, while also giving us a unique image to represent the PFF.”

The logo mark design and coloring of the lung illustration promotes modernity, positivity, and forward-thinking. The overlap of the lungs represents the close-knit community fostered by the PFF. The organization’s name is promoted in a clear sans-serif type called Aileron, which is easy to read at any size and features a thickness that denotes the seriousness and action-orientation of the PFF’s support and research capabilities.

“We embarked on our logo design process at the beginning of the year, and our goal was to develop an identity that represented all of our connected patients, caregivers, researchers, healthcare providers and supporters,” said Schmidt. “Throughout this process, we received feedback from representatives of these groups and used their valuable input and direction to arrive at this final identity.”

The new PFF logo will officially launch today across our website, social channels and digital assets. We will conduct a rolling transition, using the new logo in all materials created moving forward.