About Us


PROLIFIC, the Prognostic Lung Fibrosis Consortium, aims to guide and streamline the development of targeted treatment strategies for patients with pulmonary fibrosis.

By developing tests to detect biomarkers in patients, PROLIFIC will study the early indicators of a drug’s activity. With the long term-goal of finding biomarkers that can predict which patients would benefit the most from a particular treatment, PROLIFIC’s efforts will enable physicians to better tailor therapeutic treatments for patients.

The 12 biomarkers include markers of:

  • Epithelial damage – CYFRA 21-1, SP-D, CA-19-9, and KL-6
  • Fibrosis – MMP-7, tenascin-C, and periostin
  • Inflammation – CCL18, CXCL13, slCAM 1
  • Thrombosis – PAI-1

Researchers will screen samples from the PFF Registry to identify and validate blood protein biomarkers.

PROLIFIC is open to new members. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies, patient advocacy and non-profit organizations, and academic institutions are invited to inquire here