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Industry Leaders Band Together to Unlock the Mysteries of Pulmonary Fibrosis

That’s the promise of PROLIFIC, the Prognostic Lung Fibrosis Consortium. With PROLIFIC, leading pharmaceutical companies and foundations collaborate to boost scientific exploration and drug development in pulmonary fibrosis, a progressive, fatal lung disease.

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PROLIFIC Partners Streamline Discovery.

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF) and Bristol Myers Squibb launched PROLIFIC to simplify
the research process for all by promoting cooperation among competitors to create a
company-agnostic assay for use during drug development.

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Care Center Registry will play a key role in PROLIFIC’s efforts. Once a multi-assay panel has been developed, consortium members will test patient samples from the Registry’s biorepository to validate their results. 

Thank you to Myriad RBM for development work on a new multiplex biomarker assay on behalf of the PROLIFIC Consortium and to the Statistical Analysis of Biomedical and Educational Research Group (SABER) at the University of Michigan for development of the statistical analysis plan and data coordination of the PFF Registry.