Meet the PFF Summit 2021 Co-Chairs

The PFF extends a very special thanks to our PFF Summit 2021 co-chairs . Representing the health care provider community are: Mary Strek, MD from the University of Chicago Medicine, Dan Dilling, MD from Loyola University Medical Center, and Rade Tomic, MD from Northwestern Medicine. Representing the patient and caregiver community are: Gary Cunningham, a former patient and transplant recipient, and his caregiver and wife Marianne Sarazin. Both Gary and Marianne are PFF Ambassadors Emeritus and serve as support group leaders in Sterling Heights, MI. The PFF also extends our thanks to the entire Summit Program Organizing Committee (SPOC) who have helped develop this year’s stimulating program, along with the thoughtful selection of expert faculty from around the world.


Along with the the Summit 2021 Program and Organizing Committee, the co-chairs will work with the PFF to create another innovative program that will address current and growing educational needs for the greater PF community.

Summit Program Organizing Committee

Amy Case, MD
Andy Limper, MD
Barb Murphy
Carol Bair, RCP, CRC
Dan Diling, MD
Deji Adegunsoye, MD
Gary Gunningham
Jeri Webb
Joan Hawkins, MS
John Kim, MD
Jose Vazquez
Joyce Lee, MD
Kate Gates
Kevin Flaherty, MD
Laura Devitt
Marianne Sarazin
Mary Strek, MD
Rade Tomic, MD
Sonye Danoff, MD, PhD
Susan Jacobs, RN, MS   
Susan Perry, LCSW
Sydney Montesi, MD
Yolanda Mageto, MD, MPH
Zoe D. Bubany, MBA