PFF Summit 2019 Professional Sessions

Thursday > Sessions

Community Pulmonologists and ILD Fellows


Anoop M. Nambiar, MD, MS: Welcome


Lisa Lancaster, MD: Practical approach to the evaluation of ILD | VIEW SLIDES


Mridu Gulati, MD: Environmental links to ILD | VIEW SLIDES


Jonathan Kropski, MD: Genetics of ILD | VIEW SLIDES


Santiago Restrepo, MD: Use of HRCT in ILD and IPF  | This presentation is currently embargoed


Fayez Kheir, MD: Lung biopsy: transbronchial, cryobiopsy, and surgical | VIEW SLIDES


Ganesh Raghu, MD: New IPF Diagnostic Guidelines: Fleischner vs. ATS | VIEW SLIDES


Tessy Paul, MD: What’s new in CTD-ILDs? | VIEW SLIDES


Mary Beth Scholand, MD: Pharmacologic therapies for IPF | VIEW SLIDES


Kathleen Lindell, PhD, RN: Patient-Focused Management for the ILD Patient | VIEW SLIDES


Steve Nathan, MD: PH-ILD: does treatment improve outcomes? | VIEW SLIDES


Deborah Levine, MD: Patient-focused management for the ILD patient | VIEW SLIDES

Joao A. de Andrade, MD,  Ayodeji Adegunsoye, MD, Joyce Johnson, MD, Steve Nathan, MD, Ganesh Raghu, MD, and Santiago Restrepo, MD: Interesting cases & multidisciplinary team simulation | VIEW SLIDES


Nurses and Allied Health Network


Pauline Bianchi, RN, BSN: Welcome


Carolyn Spada, RN, BSN & Jennifer Hayes, RN, BSN: Overview of ILD | VIEW SLIDES


Wendi Mason, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC : ILD Diagnosis | VIEW SLIDES


Anne Turner, RN4, BSN, JD : Challenges of ILD Management: Drug Therapy | VIEW SLIDES


Susan Jacobs, RN, MS: Challenges of ILD Management: Oxygen| VIEW SLIDES


Karen S. Van Kerkhove, BSN, RN: Challenges of ILD Management: Pulmonary Rehab  | VIEW SLIDES


Julie A. Porcelli, RN, MSN, CNL: Challenges of ILD Management: Management of Comorbidity| VIEW SLIDES


Rebekah Edwards, DNP, FNP-C : Challenges of ILD Management:Lung Transplant | VIEW SLIDES


Kathleen Lindell, PhD, RN, ATSF, FAAN: Challenges of ILD Management: Palliative Care | VIEW SLIDES


Lori Flint, RN, BSN & Janell Reichuber, RN, BSN: Successful Management Strategies | VIEW SLIDES


Pauline Bianchi, RN, BSN: PFF Updates | VIEW SLIDES


Friday > Sessions

Moving Forward Together

Bill Schmidt, Dana Ball, Dot Delarosa  | VIEW SLIDES


Keynote Address

Edith Perez, MD: Translational Genomics: The Future is Now | VIEW SLIDES


Plenary Session I

LEADERS: Greg Cosgrove, MD and Christine Kim Garcia, MD

Christine Kim Garcia, MD: Impact of telomere length and mutations on treatment and transplant responses in pulmonary fibrosis | VIEW SLIDES


Naftali Kaminski, MD: Cell-based precision medicine approaches to pulmonary fibrosis – Insight from the IPF Cell Atlas |  VIEW SLIDES


Imre Noth, MD: Integration of genetic information in clinical trial design for precision medicine | VIEW SLIDES

Panel Q&A



LEADERS: David Lynch, MB

Nicolas Musi, MD: The role of senescence in driving the pathology of aging-related diseases | VIEW SLIDES

Melanie Koenigshoff, MD, PhD: What cells in the IPF lung are senescent and why does it matter? | VIEW SLIDES

Cory Hogaboam, PhD: The effects of senolytics in animal models of PF  | VIEW SLIDES


Anoop M. Nambiar, MD, MS: Senolytics put to the test for IPF in a clinical trial | VIEW SLIDES


Clinical Trials Innovation Series

Craig S. Conoscenti, MD, FCCP, ATSF: Boehringer Ingelheim | VIEW SLIDES


Genentech | This presentation is currently not available.


FibroGen | This presentation is currently not available.


Paul Ford, MD, PhD: Galapagos | VIEW SLIDES


Sangeeta Bhorade, MD: Veracyte | VIEW SLIDES


Pulmonary Fibrosis Registries and Resources: What is in Them, What Have We Learned, and Where are We Going

LEADERS: Andrew Limper, MD and Kevin Flaherty, MD

Samuel Ash, MD: Quantitative Imaging of Interstitial Abnormalities | VIEW SLIDES


Kevin Flaherty, MD, MS: Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Patient Registry | VIEW SLIDES


Dan Culver, DO: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Prospective Outcomes (IPF-PRO)| VIEW SLIDES


Andreas Günther, MD: The European IPF Registry (eurIPFreg) | VIEW SLIDES



Panel Discussion


IPF Diagnostics

Leaders: David Lynch, MB and Joseph Lasky, MD

Jonathan Chung, MD : Updated HRCT Diagnostic Categories: Rationale for the Change |  VIEW SLIDES
Stephen Humphries, PhD : New HRCT Quantitative Methods to Enhance Trial Design and Clinical Assessment | VIEW SLIDES
Majid Shafiq, MD : Cryobiopsy for ILD Diagnosis: Is it Dime for a Sea-Change? | VIEW SLIDES
Joseph Lasky, MD : Where do Genomic Classifiers Fit into the Pathway for ILD Diagnosis? | VIEW SLIDES
IPF Diagnostics Q&A

Networking Dinner

Networking Dinner and Honoring Ceremony


 > Sessions

Keynote Address

Bray Patrick-Lake : Clinical Trials: Empowering Patients to Participate | VIEW SLIDES


Plenary Session II

LEADERS: Ayodeji Adegunsoye, MD & Justin Oldham, MD

Jeffrey Swigris, DO: Clinician Perspective: Importance of Patient-Related Outcomes | VIEW SLIDES


Ganesh Raghu, MD: Is the Time Right for Changes in PF Clinical Trial Endpoints? | Slides are not available at this time

Greg Cosgrove, MD & Dave Sherry: Patient Perspective 
Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A



LEADERS: Naftali Kaminski, MD & Antje Prasse, MD

Milica Vukmirovic, PhD: The Impact of Transcriptomics on Our Understanding of Pulmonary Fibrosis | VIEW SLIDES


Oliver Eickelberg, MD: Insights into the Pathobiology of IPF from Single Cell Transcriptomics| VIEW SLIDES


Antje Prasse, MD: BAL Gene Expression as an Indicator of Outcome and Disease Mechanisms in IPF| VIEW SLIDES


Legislative Advocacy

Bill Schmidt and Kate Gates: Legislative Advocacy  | VIEW SLIDES


Clinical Trials Innovation Series

Aryeh Fischer, MD: Bristol-Myers Squibb | VIEW SLIDES

Jaye Bea Smalley and Zoran Popmihajlov, MD: Celgene | VIEW SLIDES

Sanjeev Khindri, MD, MRCP: Galecto | VIEW SLIDES


Eduard Gorina, MD: Pliant Therapeutics| VIEW SLIDES


Ahmet Tutuncu, MD, PhD: Respivant | VIEW SLIDES


Autoimmune ILD and Chronic Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis (CHP) – Nuances and similarities

LEADERS: Patricia Sime, MD & Mary Strek, MD

Robert Guzy, MD: Fibroblast Growth Factors in Bleomycin-induced Pulmonary Fibrosis | VIEW SLIDES

Ivan Rosas, MD: Rheumatoid lung: Informing treatment of primary and inflammatory fibrosis by understanding the pathogenesis of RAILD | VIEW SLIDES


Mary Strek, MD: Advances in Scleroderma-ILD | VIEW SLIDES


Sonye Danoff, MD & Justin Oldham, MD: Is IPAF really an entity unto its own: Pro/Con | VIEW DANOFF SLIDES | VIEW OLDHAM SLIDES

Evans Fernandez Perez, MD, MS: CHP: have we made progress addressing the knowledge gaps in diagnosis and treatment? | VIEW SLIDES
Autoimmune ILD and Chronic Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis (CHP) Q&A


Therapeutic Challenges and Controversies in ILD

LEADERS: Harold R. Collard, MD

Harold R. Collard, MD: How Should We Approach GERD in ILD/IPF now? | VIEW SLIDES


Steve Nathan, MD: PH-ILD: past studies and future directions | VIEW SLIDES


Joao A. de Andrade, MD: Should Unclassifiable ILD be Treated like IPF? | VIEW SLIDES

Kevin Flaherty, MD, MS: Progressive fibrotic ILD: will anti-fibrotics be a “one-size-fits-all” treatment? | VIEW SLIDES