PFF Summit 2019 Patient Sessions

Thursday > Sessions

Pulmonary Fibrosis Overview and Introduction to the PFF

Leaders: Kate Gates

Joyce Lee, MD: Overview of Pulmonary Fibrosis | VIEW SLIDES


Wendi Mason, MSN, NP:  Symptom Management | VIEW SLIDES


Erica Farrand, MD: Case Study | VIEW SLIDES


Pauline Bianchi, BSN, RN: Introduction to the PFF and Care Center Network  | VIEW SLIDES


Panel Q&A - Joyce Lee, MD; Wendi Mason, MSN, NP; Erica Farrand, MD; Pauline Bianchi, BSN, RN


Friday > Sessions

Moving Forward Together

Bill Schmidt, Dana Ball, Dot Delarosa  | VIEW SLIDES


Keynote Address

Edith Perez, MD: Translational Genomics: The Future is Now | VIEW SLIDES


Plenary Session I

LEADERS: Greg Cosgrove, MD and Christine Kim Garcia, MD

Christine Kim Garcia, MD: Impact of telomere length and mutations on treatment and transplant responses in pulmonary fibrosis | VIEW SLIDES


Naftali Kaminski, MD: Cell-based precision medicine approaches to pulmonary fibrosis – Insight from the IPF Cell Atlas |  VIEW SLIDES


Imre Noth, MD: Integration of genetic information in clinical trial design for precision medicine | VIEW SLIDES

Panel Q&A


FDA Approved Therapies for IPF

LEADERS: Pauline Bianchi, 

Prema Menon, MD, PhD: FDA Approved Therapies for IPF | VIEW SLIDES


Preparing for the Future

LEADERS: Krishna Thavarajah, MD

Kathleen O. Lindell, PhD, RN, ATSF, Seth Klein, and Laurie Chandler : Preparing for the Future | VIEW SLIDES


Preparing for the Future Grief Writing Workshop : Reclaiming Your Life through Grief Writing Part 1

LEADERS: Laura Devitt


Pennie Hunt: A two-part workshop to encourage finding the words for emotions, feelings, and fears and putting them on paper. 

Clinical Trials Innovation Series

Craig S. Conoscenti, MD, FCCP, ATSF: Boehringer Ingelheim | VIEW SLIDES


Genentech | This presentation is currently not available.


FibroGen | This presentation is currently not available.


Paul Ford, MD, PhD: Galapagos | VIEW SLIDES


Sangeeta Bhorade, MD: Veracyte | VIEW SLIDES



Leader: Kate Gates

Michael Knaapen: Caregiving | VIEW SLIDES
Debbie Herndon, Mary Ann Kinsky, and Michael Knaapen: Caregiving Panel 


Research and Clinical Trials 101

Leader: Justin Oldham, MD

Sonye Danoff, MD: Research and Clinical Trials 101  | VIEW SLIDES


Grief Writing Workshop Reclaiming Your Life through Grief Writing: Part 2

LEADERS: Laura Devitt


Pennie Hunt: A two-part workshop to encourage finding the words for emotions, feelings, and fears and putting them on paper. 


Supplemental Oxygen 101


Susan Jacobs, RN, MS: Supplemental Oxygen 101 | VIEW SLIDES


Dillon Becker: Oxygen Equipment Overview 


Familial Pulmonary Fibrosis and Genetic Counseling

LEADERS: Soma S. Jyothula, MD

Jonathan Kropski, MD : Identified Genetic Variants | VIEW SLIDES

Janet Talbert, MS, CGC: Genetic Counseling | VIEW SLIDES

Jonathan Kropski, MD and Janet Talbert, MS, CGC: Familial Pulmonary Fibrosis and Genetic Counseling Q&A 


Networking Dinner

Networking Dinner and Honoring Ceremony


 > Sessions

Keynote Address

Bray Patrick-Lake, MFS: Opportunities for Patient Engagement in the Development of Clinical Trials | VIEW SLIDES

Plenary Session II

LEADERS: Ayodeji Adegunsoye, MD & Justin Oldham, MD

Jeffrey Swigris, DO: Clinician Perspective: Importance of Patient-Related Outcomes | VIEW SLIDES


Ganesh Raghu, MD: Is the Time Right for Changes in PF Clinical Trial Endpoints? | Slides are not currently available for this presentation

Greg Cosgrove, MD & Dave Sherry: Patient Perspective 
Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A


Legislative Advocacy

Bill Schmidt and Kate Gates: Legislative Advocacy  | VIEW SLIDES


Health and Wellness with Pulmonary Fibrosis

Carol Bair, RCP : Pulmonary Rehabilitation | VIEW SLIDES
Barbra Swanson, MS, ND, RDN, LD : Nutrition | VIEW SLIDES
Lisa Lancaster, MD : Management of Associated Conditions | VIEW SLIDES


Clinical Trials Innovation Series

Aryeh Fischer, MD: Bristol-Myers Squibb | VIEW SLIDES

Jaye Bea Smalley and Zoran Popmihajlov, MD: Celgene | VIEW SLIDES

Sanjeev Khindri, MD, MRCP: Galecto | VIEW SLIDES


Eduard Gorina, MD: Pliant Therapeutics| VIEW SLIDES


Ahmet Tutuncu, MD, PhD: Respivant | VIEW SLIDES

Supplemental Oxygen

LEADER: Sachin Chaudhary, MD

Susan Jacobs, RN, MS: Supplemental Oxygen 101 | VIEW SLIDES


Dillon Becker: Oxygen Equipment Overview 


Mental Health and Chronic Disease

LEADER: Lindsey Bassett

Deborah Gillman, PhD : Mental Health and Chronic Disease VIEW SLIDES


Fundraising and the PFF

LEADER: PFF Development Team

 Fundraising and the PF Community - How You Can Make an Impact! | VIEW SLIDES


The Lung Transplant Experience

LEADERS: Ayodeji Adegunsoye, MD

Timothy Whelan, MD: The Lung Transplant Experience| VIEW SLIDES


Dorothy Delarosa: Patient's Perspective | VIEW SLIDES

The Lung Transplant Experience Panel

Emergency Preparedness

LEADER: Mary Strek, MD

Pam Tishendorf, CRP: Emergency Preparedness | VIEW SLIDES


Meditation, Mindfulness, and Movement

LEADER: Lindsey Bassett


Renee R. Fletcher, MSN, RN, CNS VIEW SLIDES