PFF Summit 2015 Professional Sessions

Professional Sessions


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Keynote Address

  • The Future of Drug Development in Pulmonary Fibrosis — A Regulatory Perspective, Janet Woodcock, MD, Director, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at the Food and Drug Administration | VIEW SLIDES | WATCH WEBINAR
Plenary Session and Panel Discussion - The Future of Clinical Trials in Pulmonary Fibrosis

LEADERS: David J. Lederer, MD, MS; Kevin K. Brown, MD

  • PANEL: Williamson Bradford, MD,  ; A. Bruce Montgomery, MD; Fernando J. Martinez, MD, MS; Janet Woodcock, MD; R. Bruce Snyder; Doug Jones | VIEW SLIDES |  WATCH WEBINAR
Translational Science: Progress Towards Personalized Medicine for IPF - Big Data Meets Patient Care

LEADERS: Ivan O. Rosas, MD; Christine Kim Garcia, MD, PhD

  • An Overview of Personalized Medicine for Pulmonary Fibrosis, Ivan O. Rosas, MD | VIEW SLIDES | WATCH WEBINAR
  • Genetics of Pulmonary Fibrosis, Christine Kim Garcia, MD,  |VIEW SLIDES | WATCH WEBINAR
  • Molecular and Cellular Biomarkers of Pulmonary Fibrosis, Naftali Kaminski, MD|VIEW SLIDES | WATCH WEBINAR
  • Integrating Biomarkers in Clinical Studies to Affect Patient Care, Fernando J. Martinez, MD, MS | VIEW SLIDES |  WATCH WEBINAR
  • Question-and-Answer Period and Panel Discussion, Leaders: Ivan O. Rosas, MD; Christine Kim Garcia, MD,  , Panel: Fernando J. Martinez, MD, MS; Naftali Kaminski, MD | WATCH WEBINAR
Basic Science: Lung Remodeling and Regeneration

LEADERS: Andrew M. Tager, MD; Erica L. Herzog, MD, PhD

Clinical Science: Patient-Centered Endpoints - Symptoms and Functional Status

LEADERS: Sonye K. Danoff, MD,  ; Rafael L. Perez, MD

Saturday > Sessions

Keynote Speaker

  • Collaborative Networks as Tools for Improving Clinical Care, Pat Furlong, President and CEO, Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy | VIEW SLIDES WATCH WEBINAR
Plenary Session and Panel Discussion: Leveraging the PFF Care Center Network

LEADERS: Vincent Cottin, MD,  ; Kevin R. Flaherty, MD, MS; Jesse Roman, MD

Clinical Care: New and Evolving Treatment Strategies

LEADERS: Ganesh Raghu, MD; Luca Richeldi, MD, PhD

Clinical Care: Comprehensive Care - Beyond Pharmacological Therapies

LEADERS: Anne E. Holland,  ; Steven D. Nathan, MD, FCCP

Clinical care: Multidisciplinary Diagnosis

LEADERS: Charlene D. Fell, MD, MSc; Marvin I. Schwarz, MD; Fernando J. Martinez, MD, MS

Poster Session Award Winners

  • 1st Place: Robert Guzy, Fibroblast-specific FGF signaling in bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis | VIEW SLIDES |  WATCH WEBINAR
  • 2nd Place: Justin Oldham, TOLLIP, MUC5B   the Response to N-acetylcysteine among Individuals with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis | VIEW SLIDES WATCH WEBINAR
  • 3rd Place: Rachel Scheraga, The mechanosensitive transient receptor potential vanilloid 4 (TRPV4) ion channel mediates the pro-resolution/anti-fibrotic macrophage response to endotoxin (LPS) | VIEW SLIDES | WATCH WEBINAR
  • 4th Place: Louise Hecker, Impaired Myofibroblast Dedifferentiation Contributes to Non-Resolving Fibrosis in Aging | VIEW SLIDES WATCH WEBINAR
  • 5th Place: Renea Jablonski, SIRT3, the anti-aging major mitochondrial deacetylase, is important for preventing pulmonary fibrosis | VIEW SLIDES   | WATCH WEBINAR