Summit 2011 Archive

Poster Presentations

Summit 2011 Awardees

IPF Summit 2011: From Bench to Bedside emphasized the importance of new research; twenty-six young academic investigators were chosen to give poster presentations on their basic, clinical, translational, or social science/ quality of life research. Award recipients were recognized at the Foundation’s New Decade, New Reach tenth anniversary dinner.


1st Place

Jonathan Kropski, MD
Vanderbilt University
“Herpes Virus Infection Exacerbates Endoplasmic-Reticulum Stress and Acts as a ‘Second-Hit’ in the Development of Lung Fibrosis”

2nd Place

Adam Booth, PhD
University of Michigan
“Fibroblast Responses to Decellularized Human Lung Slices Implicate the Extracellular Matrix in Directing Fibroblast Phenotypes”

3rd Place

Adita Mathur, MD
Yale University
“Role of Semaphorin 7a in Lymphocytes in TGF-ß Driven Lung Fibrosis”

Honorable Mentions

Stephenie Takahashi, MD
University of Chicago
“The Inhibitory Molecule, BTLA, Regulates Pulmonary Fibrosis in a Mouse Model”

Anand Iyer, MD
Hampton University School of Medicine
“Angiogenic Mediators Regulate Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Induced Fibrogenesis in Human Lung Fibroblasts”