The Clarence Friar Memorial Ready-Set-Breathe 5k and Fun Run

My father, Clarence Friar, was a loving husband, loving father, loving grandfather, and loving great grandfather. Sadly, pulmonary fibrosis took his life February 6, 2014. He learned of his diagnosis in December of 2012. He fought a long hard battle.

I want to raise money to help the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation fund research to eventually stamp out this terrible disease so that no person or their family has to suffer from the effects of pulmonary fibrosis any longer.

Join us for our 5K and Fun Run on July 25th.

To stay up to date about our event please visit our Facebook page.

To support our efforts please visit our First Giving page.

Thank you,

Richard's Park Brady, Tx. 76825

Brady, United States of America

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