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10k Run in Memory of Medardo de Jesus Martell

This is my story:

My father was diagnosed with IPF in March 2013. Little did we know that his days were counted. I had hopes until the very last moment that perhaps a miracle would happened. It was heart quenching to learn that this miracle would never be. Six months after he was diagnosed, I lost my father. This became the darkest day of my entire life. I felt that my world had collapsed into tiny little pieces and could never be bonded together again. My heart ached as if it was being pierced over & over again. My mind could not conceive it. It was all so surreal. But, the reality was that I had lost my father to IPF and I did not know this disease.

Now, in memory of my father Medardo de Jesus Martell, June 21, 1934 - September 18, 2013, I would like to help spread the word & raise awareness of this dreadful disease. I am challenging myself to a 10K run on this very day, September 18. My goal is to finish my run in an hour. Please send me cheers by liking or commenting while I'm out on my run. I encourage you to donate to PFF as a tribute to my father. Every penny counts. I will start the count by donating $10 per every km I run. "Let's find a CURE"

Saders Park Trail

Essex, Canada