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Chip Away Pulmonary Fibrosis

Chip Away Pulmonary Fibrosis is a movement that started in my kitchen.

My name is Dorothy Wilgus and my husband, Keith Wilgus was diagnosed with PF in 2009. We have four children aged 13-21. IPF is a disease that renders all family members helpless, and with the help of my famous cookies, I decided to take a stand against PF and raise awareness.

My cookies are well known around my area, and chocolate does wonders for the soul. Thus, Chip Away Pulmonary Fibrosis snowballed from a single bag of blue ribbon wrapped cookies to a small movement that is raising awareness about the disease many families, including mine, are facing.

If you'd like to support my efforts please visit our First Giving page.

Thank you,
Dorothy and the Wilgus Family

United States of America