Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the goal of the PFF Summit 2019?

The goal of the Summit is to foster a collaborative environment to improve education and awareness of PF and to identify new approaches to treat, and ultimately cure, this devastating disease. The Summit will feature an innovative continuing medical education (CME) program for health professionals as well as provide sessions for PF patients and caregivers that address their growing educational needs.

Who should participate in the Summit?

Everyone who is interested in learning more about pulmonary fibrosis, and its impact on those affected by the disease, including physicians, researchers, registered nurses allied health professionals, patients, and caregivers.

How do I register?

Registration information will be available soon. For general information, call the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation at 888.733.6741 or +312.587.9272.

I require oxygen. Where can I find information about traveling with oxygen?

How do I become a sponsor?

For more information about sponsorships, please contact:
Jennifer Mefford


Who can I speak to regarding more information on the PFF Summit?

To learn more about the PFF Summit, please contact Jeri Webb, Associate Vice President, Conferences and Meetings at summit@pulmonaryfibrosis.org.