Meet Debbie Herndon


Understanding Pulmonary Fibrosis

My name is Debbie Herndon and like you, my family's life has been affected by pulmonary fibrosis (PF). 

Ten years ago, my husband Steve was diagnosed with PF. Once we understood the severity of his diagnosis, I had to balance my fear for our future along with making sure I could support Steve with the best care possible. Because we wanted to learn as much as we could from others in the same situation, we joined our local support group just outside of Boise, Idaho and before long, I began to lead the meetings. The group not only became a part of our family but it also gave us hope on how to best live with the disease.


Connecting with the Community

In October of 2015, Steve passed away from PF. The friendships built within our support group were crucial during this time and I am so grateful for everyone's support. We had grown from four people to 26 members, and I was thankful to be able to continue our important work and honor my husband’s memory.


Working Hand in Hand with the PFF

When the PFF Walk was established, we knew our group could help expand the PFF’s footprint to and bring a Community Walk to Boise. Our event, Breath-a-Palooza, takes place during Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month in September and I’m proud to say that we’ve raised over $26,000 and counting! While this is a great start, we have more work to do and I encourage you to join me in giving to the PFF.