Oxygen Therapy

If your health care professional has prescribed oxygen therapy, we have resources to help you learn more about this important treatment.

Oxygen is prescribed when oxygen levels go below about 88%. Your doctor may choose to measure your oxygen level in different circumstances: while sitting, while walking in the hallway or on a treadmill, and during sleep. If your oxygen level drops below about 88%, your doctor may prescribe supplemental oxygen to prevent your oxygen level from dropping further. Many people report that they have less breathlessness and fatigue, and are better able to live an active lifestyle when using oxygen.

Using oxygen can be frustrating and inconvenient. We recommend that you talk openly with your doctors about your concerns. Some people find it difficult to adjust to using oxygen, particularly when outside the home. But over time, most people find that the benefits of using oxygen greatly improve their quality of life.

When you use oxygen, you are doing something important for your health. In addition to reducing breathlessness and fatigue, supplemental oxygen can reduce stress on your organs. People living with PF can jog, work out, and play sports (with permission from their doctors) while using oxygen.  

Do you have questions about oxygen therapy? Call the PFF Oxygen Information Line at 844-825-5733! 

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