Jordan Howard for the PFF

Chicago Bears Running Back Jordan Howard Teams Up With the PFF for the NFL’s
My Cause, My Cleats Campaign

jordan howard cleats 2018

Chicago Bears Jordan Howard tore up the field in PFF branded cleats on Sunday, Dec. 2, when the Chicago Bears faced the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium.

For the third consecutive year, Howard chose the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation as his cause in the NFL’s My Cause, My Cleats campaign and will auction his cleats. All proceeds will benefit the Foundation.

Howard has been a generous advocate in raising awareness and funds for the pulmonary fibrosis community. He lost his father, Dr. Reginald B. “Doc” Howard, to pulmonary fibrosis at age 52 after a nine-year battle with the devastating disease. Jordan was 12 years old at the time.

“My Dad was my best friend,” he said. “We watched and talked about football all the time. He fought pulmonary fibrosis to the end and I want to share his strength with others.” Since seventh grade, Howard has worn a t-shirt with his father’s image underneath his football jersey. The shirt gives him energy and keeps Doc Howard close.

As soon as he joined the Chicago Bears, Howard reached out to the PFF to offer to help. “I want people with PF and their families to keep believing and hoping for a cure. We can never give up.”

In 2016, Howard announced his commitment for the PFF at the Foundation’s Annual Volunteer Meeting in Chicago. Since then, he has participated in the inaugural and second annual Cleat Week, lent his image to a PF awareness billboard campaign in Times Square, and led a successful fundraising appeal on the 10-year anniversary of his father’s passing.

“Jordan is a beacon of hope and his support means the world to our community,” said Bill Schmidt, President and CEO of the PFF. “He is an incredible athlete with an equally remarkable strength and passion for his causes off the field.”

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