Stem Cell/Cell-Based Therapies for Pulmonary Fibrosis (for Patients)

An Update on Stem Cell/Cell-Based Therapies for Pulmonary Fibrosis Beyond the Context of Clinical Trials

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A word of caution by the Medical Advisory Board of the
Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF)

March 5, 2019

To members of the Pulmonary Fibrosis Community,

Summary Statement

We want to update you on the status of stem cell therapies for the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis. While studies continue to evaluate the potential use of these treatments, there are  currently no studies proving that they are helpful. Considering the information available, we strongly recommend that patients not engage in such treatments outside of an  approved clinical trial.

As part of a clinical trial:
• There are no costs or fees associated with participation
• The cost of the clinical trial is paid for by drug developers or governmental agencies
• Written informed consent is required
• Decisions are based on a research protocol
• It is designed and intended to benefit future patients
• There are periodic and systematic assessment of patient data

• The study is protected by government agencies, institutional review adherence to professional and legal standards

More detailed information about clinical trials can be obtained from the PFF website and specific clinical trials evaluating innovative therapies can  be identified using the PFF Clinical Trial Finder Patients, relatives, advocacy experts, industry, physicians, researchers, and federal agencies  contributed to the prior successes and are essential for further advances. The entire PF community is responsible for this continued progress and our work will continue as we  imagine a world without PF.

On behalf of the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Medical Advisory Board,

                                      gregory-p-cosgrove                      andrew-limper                  

          William T. Schmidt                      Gregory P. Cosgrove, MD                                     Andrew Limper, MD
       PFF President and CEO                       Chief Medical Officer                             Chair, Medical Advisory Board



             Joseph Lasky, MD                                 Eric S. White, MD, MS                              Marilyn K. Glassberg, MD
Chair, Scientific Advisory Board                    Medical Advisory Board



William T. Schmidt
President and CEO

Senior Medical Staff
Harold Collard, MD
Kevin R. Flaherty, MD, MS

Medical Advisory Board

Andrew H. Limper, MD, Chair
Joseph A. Lasky, MD, Chair, Scientific Advisory Council

Timothy S. Blackwell, MD
Kevin K. Brown, MD
Jeffrey T. Chapman, MD
Rany Condos, MD
Aryeh Fischer, MD
Christine Kim Garcia, MD, PhD
Andreas Günther, MD
Susan S. Jacobs, RN, MS
Naftali Kaminski, MD
David W. Kamp, MD
Martin Kolb, MD
Kathleen O. Lindell, PhD, RN
James E. Loyd, MD
David A. Lynch, MD
Fernando J. Martinez, MD, MS
Imre Noth, MD
Ralph J. Panos, MD
Ganesh Raghu, MD
Luca Richeldi, MD, PhD
Jesse Roman, MD
David A. Schwartz, MD
Marvin I. Schwarz, MD
Moisés Selman, MD
Patricia J. Sime, MD
Charlie Strange III, MD
Jeffrey James Swigris, DO, MS
Janet Talbert, MS, CGC
Eric White, MD

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