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To view the PFF Summit 2017 program, click here. The PFF Summit 2017 program included breakout sessions that were designed to suit the needs of different categories of attendees. However, sessions were open to all attendees who were interested. A majority of the sessions were recorded and can be found on our YouTube channel.


Nara Marathon 2015

I am a physician scientist, and have been working in the field of pulmonary fibrosis for 10 years. I run a full marathon every year, and this year I would like to make this an occasion to raise awareness for something we are all committed to, find cure for pulmonary fibrosis. The way may be long, but we in the research field are giving full attention for our common goal, so please stand by.

1-16-1-7F, Shin-machi, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 550-0013 Japan

Nara, Japan