Cycle for a Cure

I will never forget the day my Mum told me my Dad had Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). You never think something like this could strike someone you love, someone you look up to and admire or someone that inspires you so much. My Dad; the person who took me for so many hikes, taught me to swim, took me camping and enjoyed so much of the outdoors. Now he struggles to walk 100 meters without getting out of breath and needing a rest to get more oxygen, because of this horrible disease.
After doing research about this condition, it frustrated me to learn that there is so little understanding or funding for IPF and no known cure. This is why I am doing all I can to create awareness, educate people and help fund future research.

On July 28th I am getting on my bike and riding 514 miles from San Francisco CA, to Huntington Beach CA, to raise awareness and donations to help fund research for pulmonary fibrosis.  
Please click here to learn more! All of your support is greatly appreciated!!
-Jamie Malam
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