Party Lite Fundraiser – Keeping the light of Jules alive

Join us in our online Party Lite fundraiser in memory of our mother and best friend Jules. Each person who makes a purchase or donates online will receive a PFF bracelet to show our sincerest gratitude to help us reach out $5,000 goal.
Jules Perez-Montiforte, a woman so strong, generous, kind and loving, was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in August 2010. This was the beginning of a journey for not only Jules but her family and friends which would consist of many up and downs. Jules would not let this stop her from enjoying what she loved the most “her family". 

Jules became a widow at the young age of 29 and was left with 5 young children to raise.. She would work 3 jobs at times just to make sure her kids could enjoy all that life had to offer. In doing so she worked herself into exhaustion only to be put into the hospital to be diagnosed with Lupus. Jules overcame the worst of this disease only to keep fighting each day to look forward to one day holding her own grandchildren in her arms. That day did come and Jules had two beautiful grandchildren that she enjoyed until the end.

From the time that Jules was diagnosed until her last breath on October 14, 2015, she lived and loved life to fullest. She retired and traveled back to her native Puerto Rico with the people that she loved most, took road trips with friends, she spent time with her grandchildren, enjoyed concerts and hosted and attended parties and gatherings.  She wanted to experience whatever she could in the short time she had left.
Jules was the life of the party and brightened your day to be around her. She defied odds and battled IPF. The memories and advice she gave us will be hept close to our hearts and live on. 
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