Stick it to IPF

In early 2007, I lost my grandfather to pulmonary fibrosis. He never smoked or did anything that would have spurred on this disease. He was diagnosed in the late 90's, so he lived a much longer life than most after diagnosis. Growing up, I understood he had difficulty breathing and he was suffering from a lung disease, but my knowledge wasn't any more in depth than that.

Now, I am in college, and pulmonary fibrosis has showed its face again. This time in one of my best friend's mother. There is no known cause for her either. As a part of the Club Lacrosse team at NC State University, we are putting together a philanthropy game to raise awareness and support for IPF. The game will become an annual event for the team to continue in battling this disease. Entry into the game is free of charge though there is a suggested donation to raise funds along with raffles tickets for various prizes being sold.

Thank you,
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