Jack up the WOD against Pulmonary Fibrosis

  • Dates: 17 Oct, 2015
  • Location: Puyallup, Washington, United States of America
  • Address: The Roost Crossfit located at 5815 112th St E
  • Contact: Daniel Hahn
  • Email: hahnzhouse@yahoo.com
Each time I flew home to upstate New York over the last 6 years I always wondered if that visit would be the last time I saw my father. Pulmonary fibrosis had steadily eroded his health, taking him from a man who loved spending his summers fishing on the quiet, peaceful waters of Black Lake in northern NY to a man confined to his kitchen chair to eat, sleep, and to live tethered to oxygen tubing.

Over the last few visits his oxygen needs went up and function declined. Watching him walk the 10 steps to the bathroom looked like a mountain climber trudging upward at 20,000 feet; one step, three breaths.

In May, my first son Ryder Jack Hahn was born. Around that time my father had an another hospital admission and I wondered if he would ever hold his grandson. He did make it out of the hospital and back home with hospice. Knowing time was truly short my wife and I flew back to NY with Ryder in June. Although my dad was confined to a his kitchen chair or a wheelchair for an outing, he did spend two days with Ryder. He got to hold his newest grandson and I got to see the joy on his face for a brief moment.

In August, I called him one day and he didn't sound like himself. He was confused and I wasn't sure if he even knew it was me on the phone. Two days later my brother told me the hospice nurse finally talked him into his hospice bed in the living room after he said "I'm just so tired."

Over the next few days he stopped eating and drinking and had a foley catheter inserted to void. As his respirations began to slow I didn't think I would make the trip from Tacoma, WA in upstate NY in time to say goodbye. But somehow, despite the end being near, he held on as I rushed home. I walked into his living room at 12am Sunday morning to relieve my brother who had been up for over 40 hours with him. For a few hours I talked to him, told him I loved him and held his hand as his breathing slowed.

At 405am, with just he and I in the room, he took his last breath.
His 6 year long fight with pulmonary fibrosis was over. He was 68.

Please join us at The Roost Crossfit on October 17th at 10am. If you are unable to attend but would like to support our efforts please visit our safe and secure First Giving page.

Thank you,
Daniel Hahn
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