Hong Kong to New Delhi overland trip

Last year I lost my father, Late Suresh Chand Gangil, to pulmonary fibrosis.
Before his death, none of us were aware what was wrong with him. We were quite nonchalant and relieved that he is not suffering from cancer but we were not aware that he was suffering from something worse, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). He suffered silently throughout, confused, helpless and trying hard for every single breath.

I am embarking on a trip from Hong Kong to New Delhi that is not only dedicated to my father, but to all those IPF patients throughout the world who suffer silently without realizing what's wrong with them.  This solo trip will be roughly 4000 miles and will be on foot, public transport available, rail, bus, boat. 

I welcome you to support my efforts via my First Giving page. I will start my trip in Hong Kong end in New Delhi, our hometown, via China, Laos, Thailand and Burma.
My father loved traveling, so this trip is dedicated to him.

Thank you for your support,
Shashank Gangil
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