Polychronopoulos Online Fundraiser benefiting the PFF

With the 5 year anniversary of my Dad's death approaching, I feel that this is a great time to take a big step in a positive direction and face this ugly disease. I don't have a true "fundraising goal" but I have set this account up for a 12 month time frame. I will be happy with whatever the end result is, as 100% of donations will be donated to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. No donation is too small.

In memory of Xenofondas Polychronopoulos (2/4/53-4/30/09)
Father. Grandfather. Friend. Chef. Fisherman. Movie Enthusiast. Selfless. Charitable. Chivalrous. Humane. Kind Hearted. Compassionate. Gracious. Noble. Philosopher. Gardner. Teacher. Sentimental. Benevolent.

On behalf of myself and my siblings, I can honestly say that our Father was the most motivational person in our lives. He was our strength and backbone, our biggest fan, and through and through our most loyal and best friend. Despite our loss, we try to live with our Dad's mindset, selflessness, positivity, and unconditional love and compassion for life, friends, and family. We couldn't explain in words how the loss of our mentor, best friend, and DAD has changed our lives. His memory will live on with us, and all of the people that he touched forever. My Dad's heart was undoubtedly the biggest one that I will ever know, and I am so proud to be his daughter.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions via e-mail,

Thank you so much for your tremendous support and love,
Nicole Fondas Polychronopoulos and family

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