Battle Out Pulmonary Fibrosis - Fight, Give, Win!

  • Dates: 01 Dec, 2014 – 31 Dec, 2014
  • Location: United States of America
As I sit beside my brother Rick Torres in this picture, I never thought I'd be fighting the same disease that he fought like a champ. My brother was only 32 yrs old. He has been in Paradise since 1998. I dedicate this page to him. He is One of my Angels who watch me continue his fight of this disease. The Fundraising Goal is His Birthday Month, Day and Year. September is Global PF Awareness Month...So what a great time to try and raise money to the cause.

My name is Cynthia Flores, I was officially diagnosed with IPF in 2010. After long years of breathlessness and fighting another illness since the age of 13 they finally put a name to this dreadful lung disease. It was such a shock to me but then again I felt so relieved. I always had fought like a girl so this was just another fight I had to win. I love BOXING. It is my favorite sport to watch. I always wished to become a fighter actually (HaHa) but very true. I'm not the DIVA of Boxing like 'Rosie Perez' but always love to be surrounded by BOXING fans. I might not be in the ring but I definitely fight outside the ring to every last round. And I must add my favorite fighter is MIGUEL COTTO @therealmiguelcotto and would love to meet him one day.

In 2010 I received oral chemotherapy treatment for one whole year and lost all my hair and put on oxygen. I had to leave my job that I had done for 11 years. I am a Certified Pharmacy Tech till this day. I still struggle with the different lifestyle I now live, but I've managed to find the strength deep within and volunteered my time to the Pharmacy Field in 2012. (Thanks to American Red Cross). After being away from work and the job I loved to do for 3 and 1/2 long years I finally made up my mind and entered the work field again despite Doctors orders in 2013. Nothing was going to stop me from getting my life back. IPF will not WIN. But being the fighter I am, I went head on to 40hrs a week. Stubborn me. To make a long story short, I'm now part time with same company and love my job once again. And yes, now I'm being a good patient and listening to my doctors.(HaHa).

I'm just happy to say that I'm stable at the present moment. IPF is no joke. You never know with this illness. One day you are fine and the next minute we can lose a loved one. I use oxygen on a daily basis, my hair never grew back but I still live to fullest. YES, SPORTING THE OXYGEN BACKPACK IS COOLER THAN A PURSE LOL. AND SPORTING THE NATURAL NO HAIR LOOK MEANS I DO NOT HAVE TO WAKE UP SOONER THAN I HAVE TOO. I'm telling you all, nothing is going to stop me. I've always wanted to be a part of the Fundraising process. I'm Always Trying to Show and Share Awareness for all the IPF family. Not just for myself but for those who may have it so much worse fighting this horrible disease. I'm very humble and hope to make this goal possible.

There are people I need to thank before I end my story.

First to God, who will always walk by my side. He is my Healer, I will Live the path he chose for me and he will decide when its my time to Go. IPF will not win!

To MY Dear Mother who I just lost from Pancreatic Cancer in Oct 2013, I AM THE FIGHTER AND WOMAN I AM BECAUSE OF YOU. Love and Miss you tremendously.

My husband, Juan M Flores Jr. who stood by my side through this all. We were only married 6 months before I was diagnosed. Thanks for never giving up on me. You gave 21 years of your life as a soldier(US ARMY VETERAN) and you continue to give your life to me.

To my Two beautiful children, Mariah Destiny Flores and Ethan Angel Flores, Both of you are my Strength in ways you'll never know. being a proud mother and seeing you both grow means the world to me. Love you both 4ever...

To my family and friends you gave me comfort and your listening ears even though I pushed you all away at times. (SORRY) Thanks for never turning your backs on me. True Family and Friends are recognized in these hard times in life.

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, My #BOXINGHEADS. The boxing community, My Boxing Hero Miguel Cotto!!! All the Champions @kidchocolate @dannygarcia @pauliemalignaggi @antoniotarver @abnermares00 @showtimesports crew @nodoubttrout @keiththurman @chemitomoreno @johnnytapia @sotokarass @therealbhop @ericmorel @jessejamesleija @samwatsontwins @samwatson who took the time to take a picture with me. It meant the world to me. To all the boxers out there who Fight their guts out and want to be a champ, Just look at me and you'll see it in my eyes, Never give up. The Fight is never over until you says its over. Boxing has been my inspiration on never giving up the Fight.

This is not a challenge. I just want others to educate themselves and be aware how IPF takes away from people you love or just know. Everyone fights for something or another. But I FIGHT FOR PULMONARY FIBROSIS AWARENESS. I FIGHT FOR ME. I FIGHT LIKE A GURL!


PLEASE DONATE. Every lil bit COUNTS. Trust me...

It might take years to make this goal, but it so worth the cause. So dont give up, continue to SUPPORT, SHARE, SHOW AWARENESS AND DONATE. I appreciate the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation for sharing my page.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

In Advance, Thanks for your support.

Cynthia Flores AKA @CYN_220

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