Breathe Love

  • Dates: 20 Sep, 2014
  • Location: Carlsbad, California, United States of America
  • Address: Cannon Park located at the corner of Carlsbad Boulevard and Cannon Road
  • Contact: Jennifer DeRosa
  • Email:

My father was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) almost three years ago. Pulmonary fibrosis, in three years, has taken a heavy toll in the blink of an eye. The dramatic lifestyle change of a man for 70 years rolling hard, always walking, always up to something...fading to the point of no more walking at all. He is now in a wheelchair. He is on oxygen 24/7. He can no longer shower, play the piano, walk to get his cup of coffee, even to get up to get something in the other room. He needs care every ounce of the day.

This is a man who took care of my mother all their lives. My father never smoked a cigarette in his life, and did not work in an environment that caused serious issues...maybe the asbestos in colleges, maybe the heart medicine that he has been on...whatever the reason, my father is in his last days. This day has come way to quick in my life! I thought I had him for 20 more years at least.

I want to bring this disease alive! I want to create awareness of something that is taking lives way too quick, with no cure! Our lungs allow us to breathe and be alive.

I am having an event to honor my father, Dr. Keith Bell, the man of my world, and the most inspirational example to me on this earth. To someone that taught me to keep looking forward. There is someone far greater in charge here...but while we are big, be love, and bring something to this world. So I am.

Come to the event with your yoga mat and celebrate my father's life. Studying the disease, and learning all there seems to know, it is GLOBAL PULMONARY FIBROSIS MONTH IN SEPTEMBER, there is no better time than now.

The event I am having is on September 20. I will have a yoga class held in honor of every breath you take, love, vitality, life, endurance, confidence, being big in life, and bringing that to the community.
September, 20, 2014
9AM - 11AM
Cannon Park on the corner of Carlsbad Blvd & Cannon Road Carlsbad, CA 
$25/per person

Come spend a morning with special friends and treating the body with love. Breathing it in and out...My hopes would be to have an annual event to honor my father and to continue to find a cure for these precious human beings.

To RSVP please visit my First Giving page.

Thank you,

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