Walk With Purpose and You'll Never Walk Alone

  • Dates: 12 Jul, 2014
  • Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
  • Contact: Ms. Sonia Ferril
  • Email: soniaferril@yahoo.com
  • How to find us: We will be meeting On July 12th 2014 @ 8:00am at the entrance of the bridge on the Brooklyn side, which is Adams Street between Jay Street & Tillary Street in Brooklyn.
We hope you will join us as we Walk With Purpose in memory of Sister Tanita Lynn Robinson. Our walk will start at the Brooklyn Bridge at 8am. $20 per walker.

To support our efforts please visit our safe and secure online First Giving page set up for our Walk With Purpose and You'll Never Walk Alone in memory of Sister Tanita Lynn Robinson. 

Tanita started complaining of feeling fatigue with vary low energy (June 2010). Tanita was very aggressive in trying to find out what was wrong with her.  She began going to the doctor and seeking second medical opinions. Her doctor was very resistant in giving her referrals and as a result he misdiagnosed her on several occasions. Although this became an obstacle for her, she was persistent.

Tanita noticed something was wrong with her breathing and the feeling of tiredness and feeling fatigue increased. It became very hard for her to breathe (July 2010).

Tanita was put into a medically induced coma, in the Intensive Care Unit at Beth Israel Hospital after going into cardiac arrest and being resuscitated, where it was discovered she had pneumonia in both lungs. She stayed in the coma for 2 weeks. (August 2010) Stayed on the breathing ventilator for 4 weeks. 

When Tanita woke up out the coma she was deaf in one ear and the nerves in her face had collapsed, (Bell’s Palsy). She had two blood transfusions.

When in her room at Beth Israel hospital Tanita had a set back, went into cardiac arrest a second time and was in a coma for a week and a half.  (September 2010). She stayed in the hospital for almost two months.

After her stay at Beth Israel Hospital, Tanita was transferred to Kings Brook Jewish Hospital Rehabilitation Medical Center where she had to learn how to walk and feed herself again. (October 2010)

Tanita came home on oxygen and was able to walk, feed herself and resume her life as she knew it, including going back to church, etc.

Tanita still was not diagnosed and changed her medical physician.  Her Doctor, Dr. Abraham Demoz, gave her various referrals at which one was to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital to see a Pulmonary/Lung Specialist. After several tests she was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis (February 2011). Tanita went back to the hospital August 30, 2012.

August 31, 2012, God dispatched his ministering angels all about, her bedside as the doctors tried to resuscitate Tanita. God humbly came and took his servant by the hand to be caught up with him!

Thank you for your support,
Ms. Sonia


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