Bows for Pulmonary Fibrosis

  • Dates: 04 May, 2014
  • Location: Conroe, Texas, United States of America
I started making bows because they are cute & I want to use the money to help the PFF.


medium_stephanie bows.jpg


I'm 14yrs old and had a double lung transplant due to PF when I was 13yrs old. My PF was due to a cancer I had when I was just 2 yrs old. All of the chemo and radiation had scarred and damaged my lungs. PF has had a BIG impact on my life because I see the world so much differently now than I did when I was sick and tied down to my oxygen tanks and feeding pumps and numerous visits to the hospital. It made me wanna reach out and help others who were facing the same struggles as me.

Bows make me feel pretty & happy. Who doesn't love bows?! So I started making bows on Saturday 03/16/14 so that others could feel the same joy I feel !!

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