Donate to a Tribute

Donating to honor those fighting pulmonary fibrosis or in memory of those who have passed is a thoughtful and significant way to show support. Donate in tribute of a loved one today.

To make a donation, please select an individual’s name from the list below or visit

List of Tributes

Would you like to create a tribute page?
Visit Create a Tribute Page for more information.

Please note: Gifts made to individuals with online tributes through mail, our general donate page, or over the phone take additional time to appear online. Our staff manually links donations made as tributes to ensure each gift is attributed appropriately. All gifts will be attributed within five days of being received.

If you have any questions regarding the linking of a gift please call us at 888.733.6741 or

“In Lieu of Flowers” Memorial Contributions

Asking friends and family to donate to the PFF in lieu of flowers is a meaningful way for individuals to show personal remembrance. If you are interested in designating memorial gifts in tribute of a loved one, the following language can be shared in obituaries and memorial cards:

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorial contributions be made to:

Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, In Memory of: [Loved One’s Name],
230 East Ohio Street, Suite 304, Chicago, IL 60611-3201,

Donation envelopes are available upon request. Please contact us at 888.733.6741 or and we will provide envelopes to the funeral home of your choice in advance of the memorial service.

All donors are provided with a letter of gratitude and receipt for their generosity in compliance with IRS rules and regulations.

Send an Acknowledgement of Your Gift to an Individual or Family

To notify an individual or family of your donation, please include their full name and address with your donations sent through the mail or in the “please acknowledge the following individual or family” field on the online donation form. We will send a letter notifying them of your thoughtful donation, but will not reveal the amount.

Acknowledgment letters are sent to individuals and/or families on the 1st and 15th of the month (or the next business day).

If you are a family member who would like to be notified of incoming donations made in memory or in honor of a loved one please contact us or 888.733.6741.